Omni Technocratic Services (OTS)

At Omni Technocratic Services (Pvt) Ltd. we design, engineer, implement, train, monitor and support Telecom, Power, IT & civil solutions in places around Pakistan where providing communication and power services (Renewable and Non-renewable) adds the most value for our customers, their homes and communities. Omni Technocratic Services (Pvt) Ltd. works with government, industry and non-governmental organization partners to provide solutions in urban and rural community’s worldwide.


OTS facilitates sustainable and affordable Telecommunication, electrification, construction and software projects to provide solutions for telecom sites, remote telemetry stations, Software’s designing and web issues, health clinics construction and energy provision, infra structure development and construction query’s, village/community telecommunication issues and income-generating micro-enterprises.


OTS technical and managerial staff is having capability to work hard in any type of harsh and hard environment possessing all capabilities and modern techniques for implementation of various projects successfully. OTS is having skilled expertise in field of telecom, IT, Power and construction. The technical teams lead by engineers under supervision of Technical directors under proper managerial system provides valuable services for development projects in various fields. OTS team members are dedicated and hard working members. The proper team work leads to fruitful results after implementation of different projects .